Friday, March 7, 2014

CIVIL WAR BATTLES - OZARK app released for iPad and Android devices


My mobile app simulating, in part or in whole, the 1861–62 Missouri and Arkansas battles of Boonville, Carthage, Wilson’s Creek, Lexington, Newtonia, Pea Ridge, Cane Hill and Prairie Grove is now available for download (only $2.99) for iPad and Android devices through Google Play, Kindle.

A collaboration with award winning developer/publisher John Tiller Software, Civil War Battles apps are detailed turn-based simulations of combat from the American Civil War. Unit types include infantry, cavalry, artillery, gunboats, and supply wagons as well as leaders which can significantly determine the outcome of a battle just based on their own personal leadership and command abilities.

While this version of Civil War Battles will run on large-screen Android phones, it is best on an Android tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.


Scenario List (for more detailed descriptions, go here):

1. First Battle of Boonville – June 17 1861
2. Dry Fork Creek – July 5 1861
3. Final Attack at Carthage – July 5 1861
4. Wilson’s Creek: “Bloody Hill” – Aug 10 1861
5. Battle of Wilson’s Creek: Lyon’s Plan – Aug 10 1861
6. Battle of Wilson’s Creek – Aug 10 1861
7. Siege of Lexington: The Ring Closes – Sept 18 1861
8. Siege of Lexington: “Battle of the Hemp Bales” – Sept 20 1861
9. Pea Ridge (Day One): Leetown – Mar 7 1862
10. Pea Ridge (Day One): Elkhorn Tavern – Mar 7 1862
11. Battle of Pea Ridge (Day 2) – Mar 8 1862
12. Battle of Newtonia – Sept 30 1862
13. Battle of Cane Hill – Nov 28 1862
14. Battle of Prairie Grove: Early Afternoon – Dec 7 1862
15. Battle of Prairie Grove: Blunt’s Assault – Dec 7 1862

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