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Seeing the Elephant (Gallagher and Krick)
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Civil War Books and Authors Reviews:
* Deep in the Piney Woods: Southeastern Alabama from Statehood to the Civil War, 1800–1865
* Engines of Rebellion: Confederate Ironclads and Steam Engineering in the American Civil War
* A Forgotten Front: Florida during the Civil War Era
* These Rugged Days: Alabama in the Civil War
* Opposing the Second Corps at Antietam: The Fight for the Confederate Left and Center on America's Bloodiest Day
* Lincoln's Trident: The West Gulf Blockading Squadron during the Civil War
* The Best Station of Them All: The Savannah Squadron, 1861-1865
* By the Noble Daring of Her Sons: The Florida Brigade of the Army of Tennessee
* Tried Men and True, or Union Life in Dixie
* The Perfect Lion: The Life and Death of Confederate Artillerist John Pelham
* Trailing Clouds of Glory: Zachary Taylor's Mexican War Campaign and His Emerging Civil War Leaders
* A Small but Spartan Band: The Florida Brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia
* Columbus, Georgia, 1865: The Last True Battle of the Civil War
* Engineering Security: The Corps of Engineers and Third System Defense Policy, 1815-1861
* Battle: The Nature and Consequences of Civil War Combat
* Camp Chase and the Evolution of Civil War Prison Policy
* Blockaders, Refugees, and Contrabands: Civil War on Florida's Gulf Coast, 1861-1865 (Fire Ant)
* Civil War Weather in Virginia
* From Conciliation to Conquest
* Like Grass Before the Scythe
* Navy Gray
* Sherman's Mississippi Campaign
* Confederate Florida (Fire Ant)