Sunday, April 17, 2011

Affiliate program

I've been an Amazon affiliate since the blog's beginnings. In addition to the great convenience of having ready made links to nearly every book published, I receive a small % of each sale reached through any of the Amazon related links on my site. If you find the news and reviews posted here on CWBA useful, please consider making your book purchases through the many links located along the sidebar [such as the "Find Books" box and the series of "Book Recs" widgets] and within the posts. It costs you nothing extra and helps ensure that I can continue to feature the widest possible range of Civil War books for review.  And a big thanks to all that have participated in the past.


  1. I'm still a little confused about "affiliate" you still get a credit when I place something on my Amazon "wish list" and buy it later, or do I have to go through your Amazon link and immediately add it to my cart? If it's the latter, I'll try to remember to do that from now on.

    Joel M.
    Baton Rouge LA

  2. Hi Joel,
    I don't think any of us non-techies know exactly how it works, but I am certain link tracking expires when items are put on wish lists for purchases days or weeks later. If you click on one of my links that takes you to an Amazon page, apparently I will get the benefit from any thing you order that session. So, I get credit if you go directly to a book I linked to and immediately add it to your cart, but I would also get credit if you decided not to buy it but rather some other book (you can page all over the Amazon site back and forth as long as you don't leave it altogether) you saw there that you liked better. I hope this helps, and thanks for your consideration!


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