This site consists of book reviews, publishing news, interviews, profiles and commentary. Emphasis is placed on smaller publishers, university presses, and local history.

The post title of a full length book review will include author name followed by the book title in quotations. Book Snapshots are not reviews per se, but rather short summaries or brief commentary on select points of interest. Classic Snapshots offer a brief glimpse into the content of some older books that readers might not find much information about online.  Booknotes are not recommendations but are a series of posts that mention all new book arrivals to be considered for subsequent review. Reading lists and interviews with authors and publishers are less frequent features.

Subject matter includes all aspects of the American Civil War, but also antebellum politics, the U.S.-Mexican War, and various Indian Wars and conflicts (along with some Western Americana thrown in every once in a while). All geographical areas are covered, but heavy focus is placed on the West and Trans-Mississippi theaters.

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