Thursday, December 19, 2019

2019 - The CIVIL WAR BOOKS and AUTHORS Year in Review


THE FIGHT FOR THE OLD NORTH STATE: The Civil War in North Carolina, January-May 1864 by Hampton Newsome (UP of Kansas).

The Rest of the Year's Top 10 Favorites (in no particular order)

France and the American Civil War: A Diplomatic History by Stève Sainlaude (UNC Press).

Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation by Michael Frawley (LSU Press).

Too Useful to Sacrifice: Reconsidering George B. McClellan’s Generalship in the Maryland Campaign from South Mountain to Antietam by Steven Stotelmyer (Savas Beatie).

The Great Partnership: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and the Fate of the Confederacy by Christian Keller (Pegasus).

The Battle of the Wilderness in Myth and Memory: Reconsidering Virginia's Most Notorious Civil War Battlefield by Adam Petty (LSU Press).

Raising the White Flag: How Surrender Defined the American Civil War by David Silkenat (UNC Press).

Conquered: Why the Army of Tennessee Failed by Larry Daniel (UNC Press).

Confederate "Tales of the War" in the Trans-Mississippi, Part Five: 1864-1865 edited by Michael Banasik & Brenda Banasik (Camp Pope Pub).

Confederate Generals in the Trans-Mississippi, Volume 3: Essays on America's Civil War edited by Lawrence Lee Hewitt and Thomas Schott (UT Press).

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