Civil War Books and Authors has always worked best when review copy sources are as diverse as possible and the number of new release arrivals great enough to allow me a consistently large pool of candidates from which to choose. This has worked fairly well for a long time. However, beginning in 2016 the overall number and sources of titles sent me has steeply fallen over previous levels (even after taking into account the expiring Sesquicentennial), making it much more difficult to find enough personally interesting reviewing options to keep to my prolific schedule (which I think is a vitally important feature of the site).

Of course, I deeply appreciate the solid core of publishers that do continue to regularly send me copies of their new releases. I also am very thankful for the ad sponsorships and affiliate sales that have padded the CWBA book fund over the years of its existence (if you already participate, please continue to do so!), but alas those sources are also trending in the wrong direction.

So what is the point of all this? Well, I decided to do something that I've never wanted to do and that is to ask the readers directly for support in the form of donations to the CWBA Book Fund. Bloggers, podcasters, website operators, and other content providers seem to prefer Patreon campaigns these days, but I decided to go with direct donations through PayPal. If you're willing to contribute, press the donation button below (or in the sidebar to the main page) and go from there. You do not need a PayPal account to participate, and any amount would be appreciated.

(Note: Donations are not tax deductible)

You can also help for free by making your online purchases of any kind through the many e-commerce links (typically the bold-face book titles) on the site or by clicking on the banner below. A small portion of the proceeds goes back to support CWBA and it costs you nothing extra. It would also help if you would make this site an exception for your ad blockers.