Monday, January 22, 2018

2017 - The CIVIL WAR BOOKS and AUTHORS Year in Review


Civil War in the Southwest Borderlands, 1861–1867 by Andrew E. Masich (Oklahoma).


Battle/Campaign Histories:
Trans-Mississippi Theater: The Three Battles of Sand Creek: In Blood, in Court, and as the End of History by Gregory F. Michno (Savas Beatie).
Western Theater: The Battle of Peach Tree Creek: Hood's First Effort to Save Atlanta by Earl J. Hess (UNC).
Eastern Theater: Meade and Lee After Gettysburg: The Forgotten Final Stage of the Gettysburg Campaign, from Falling Waters to Culpeper Court House, July 14-31, 1863 by Jeffrey William Hunt (Savas Beatie).

General Military:
Civil War Logistics: A Study of Military Transportation by Earl J. Hess (LSU).

Naval History:
Joseph Brown and His Civil War Ironclads: The USS Chillicothe, Indianola and Tuscumbia by Myron J. Smith, Jr. (McFarland).
Home Front:
Occupied Vicksburg by Bradley R. Clampitt (LSU).

Society and Culture:
Psychological Consequences of the American Civil War by R. Gregory Lande (McFarland).

Politics and War:
The First Republican Army: The Army of Virginia and the Radicalization of the Civil War by John H. Matsui (Virginia).
Politics and Society:
A Union Indivisible: Secession and the Politics of Slavery in the Border South by Michael D. Robinson (UNC).
Industry and Technology:
Civil War Pharmacy: A History (Second Edition) by Michael A. Flannery (SIU).

Unit History:
The Cavalries at Stones River: An Analytical History by Dennis W. Belcher (McFarland).

Essay Collection:
American Civil Wars: The United States, Latin America, Europe, and the Crisis of the 1860s edited by Don Doyle (UNC).
Tejano Tiger: Jose de los Santos Benavides and the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, 1823-1891 by Jerry Thompson (TCU).
Edited Letters/Memoir/Diary:
Recollections of a Civil War Medical Cadet: Burt Green Wilder edited by Richard M. Reid (KSU).

Local History:
The Battle of Lewisburg: May 23, 1862 by Richard L. Armstrong (35th Star).

Reference Book or Series:
The Army of Tennessee: Organization, Strength, Casualties, 1862-1865 by Darrell L. Collins (McFarland).
Wildcard Pick:
The Election of 1860: A Campaign Fraught with Consequences by Michael F. Holt (Kansas).

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  1. Hi Drew, I always enjoy this list, find gems I had missed, and usually read them based on your recommendations. We were all pleased to see two of our books there, both under campaigns/battle histories. Glad you enjoyed them.



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