Thursday, December 26, 2019

Coming Soon (Jan '20 Edition)

*NEW RELEASES* Scheduled for January 2020:
American Zouaves, 1859-1959: An Illustrated History by Daniel Miller.
Household War: How Americans Lived and Fought the Civil War edited by Frank & Whites.
When It Was Grand: The Radical Republican History of the Civil War by LeeAnna Keith.
Jefferson Davis, Napoleonic France, and the Nature of Confederate Ideology, 1815-1870 by Jeffrey Zvengrowski.
The Union Assaults at Vicksburg: Grant Attacks Pemberton, May 17–22, 1863 by Timothy Smith.

Comments: That's not a big list of possibilities for next month, but I still have ten to twelve late-November through December releases (several of which I'm pretty excited about) that haven't arrived yet.

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