Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Curtis Milbourn

As lamented in earlier posts, the battles of the 1864 Red River Campaign lack modern definitive treatments (or really book-length studies of any kind). Additionally, the several campaign survey books cover specific military events only briefly. The best work we are likely to get for the forseeable future are the articles written by Curtis Milbourn and published in North & South Magazine. The three published articles listed below are models of modern tactical CW military history writing and are highly recommended.

  • "Fighting for Time" (vol. 5, #4) - covers cavalry delaying actions early in campaign.
  • "The Battle of Mansfield" (vol. 6, #2) - coauthored with Steve Bounds.
  • "The Battle of Pleasant Hill" (current issue, vol. 8, #6) - coauthored with Steve Bounds.


  1. Drew,

    I finally got my North & South in the mail yesterday. I've browsed through the Pleasant Hill article and it looks like a good one. Is there any chance Milbourn might one day write a campaign study of the Red River Campaign with some tactical detail.


  2. I asked him on the N&S yahoo board and he indicated it was a possibility but way too early in the process to make anything of it.


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