Friday, June 2, 2006

Bruce Nichols and guerrilla warfare in Missouri

Speaking of large scale projects, defense analyst and Civil War Missouri historian Bruce Nichols is in the midst of an admirable multi-volume effort of his own. He is compiling an encyclopedic (or at least that's how I'd describe it) history of guerrilla warfare in Missouri, with each volume representing a year's time.

Volume I, Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri, 1862 (McFarland, 2004) organized events geographically by dividing the state into four regions and chronologically by season. Keenly suited to the job, Nichols is a well-known researcher of the subject matter and I am pleased to discover that Volume II is scheduled for release by McFarland in Fall/Winter 2006. Presumably it will be organized along similar lines. This series should become a standard reference work.

I love the choice for cover of my favorite Civil War paintings.

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  1. Bruce Nichols is the most generous researcher, freely sharing his resources and insights with others--whether they be historians, genealogists, re-enactors, or hobbyists. He shares beyond that which is in his book and he maintains a meticulous filing system that allows him to find resources instantly. His books are wonderful too.
    --Jean Dresden


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