Thursday, September 7, 2006

Sinisi's Price Raid project update

Sterling Price's disastrous 1864 raid across the state of Missouri continues to escape serious attention by historians. In 1995, University of Colorado Press reprinted a revised edition of Howard Monnett's Action Before Westport, 1864, a short but reasonably good narrative history of the campaign first published in the 1960s. It's considered a classic, but we could really use an updated and more detailed modern account.

Citadel professor Kyle Sinisi is attempting just that. I recently emailed him for an update on his Price Raid project. I was happy to hear that he's discarded plans for a short overview history for Rowman Littlefield (presumably to be part of the American Crisis Series) in favor of a much larger in-depth study. As for progress, Sinisi has completed his first draft up to the battles of Independence, the Little Blue, and the Big Blue and hopes to finish the project next year.

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