Sunday, January 28, 2007

Other recent arrivals

  • The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky by Kenneth Hafendorfer.
  • The Battle of Lynchburg by L. VanLoan Naisawald.
  • The Civil War in the Big Sandy Valley of Kentucky by John David Preston.
  • Wayne County, West Virginia in the Civil War by Jack Dickinson.
  • The Civil War in Buchanan and Wise County, Virginia by Jeffrey Weaver.
  • Battle of McDowell by Richard L. Armstrong.
  • Campaign for Atlanta by William Scaife.
I was especially gratified in finding a used copy of Preston's book. It is long out of print and very difficult to obtain on the secondary market. The Dickinson and Weaver books were also recommended to me by a Big Sandy researcher whose opinion I respect.

BTW, while on the same subject, another very lengthy comment was posted in response to my review of Brian McKnight's Contested Borderland. I thought I'd mention it as the correspondent put so much time and effort into it and the regular readers might not revisit the older post.

As a further aside, I read and appreciate every comment made here and do not want to see anyone who takes the time to write to be frustrated with comments not "taking". A couple recent visitors attempting to post very long comments have noted that it took several tries over several days for it to finally be accepted. The only common thread I could discover is length, so my advice would be to break up very long comments into smaller pieces. You might have better luck that way.

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