Monday, March 12, 2007

CW Tourism Guides

Everytime I see a new state CW trail guide available for free by mail, I am reminded of the many early 90s television and magazine advertisements from various state tourism departments touting their own wonderful CW history. Out of curiosity, I either wrote or called the 800 numbers and had them send me their free guides. Out of the half dozen or so requests by phone or mail, I didn't receive a single thing in the mail. The taxpayers really got their money's worth from their state promotion budgets and somehow I bet they sold my mailing info to every CW trinket manufacturer in the company.

My last name is routinely butchered in print. In one instance, I could easily track just who sold me out to the purveyors of CW crap catalogs. Immediately after I had started subscribing to a certain popular magazine, I kept getting catalogs carrying the same unique misspelling as the magazine label (though not as bad as Santos E. Halper). Yeah, I know somewhere in the agreement they allow themselves to sell your name to entities they "think you might be interested in", but, if magazines think I would be even remotely interested in these embarrassing promotions, they must have a dim view of their subscribers.

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