Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New revised edition of "Sterling Price's Lieutenants"

Currently on schedule for a mid-December 2007 release, the long awaited new edition of Sterling Price's Lieutenants*(ed. and compiled by R. Peterson, J.E. McGhee, K. Daleen, K. Lindberg) will soon be available. It's an essential research and reference resource for the study of the Civil War in Missouri. Older edition(s) [Two Trails, 1995?] are quite scarce and expensive. The new ed. sports many improvements and revisions.

Quoted from the Two Trails website:
New Edition: It has taken some ten years of work, but Sterling Price's Lts is now being released. This edition contains over 4000 officers, 5,000 plus foot-notes, and much more valuable information concerning Missouri's first provisional army, within its 500+ pgs of text; fully indexed. Contains a huge listing of sources. Reserve your copy now by e-mailing us. Release date is set for mid-December. The book will be available in both soft-cover and hard-cover. It is unpriced as yet, but please reserve your copy of this first run. [ed. see website link above for email contact info]
* - To find the book listing, scroll down either the 'R thru S' or the 'New on the Shelf' links from the sidebar at left.

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