Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sifakis - "Compendium of the Confederate Armies" reprints

The ten volumes of Stewart Sifakis's Confederate answer to Dyer's Compendium have never been pronounced perfect, but until something better comes around they remain the best quick reference unit guides available.

Indeed, something better has come along in some instances. Improvements on the theme include Art Bergeron's sterling Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units and Jim McGhee's new release (just now) Guide to Missouri Confederate Units, 1861–1865. I haven't had a chance to read Ralph Wooster's Lone Star Regiments in Gray or Clark's Regiments for North Carolina.

The hardcover editions of the Sifakis set are out of print, with wildly varying prices on the secondary market, but Heritage Books, Inc. has reprinted them in paperback format, at a price range from $25-$30 -- providing a serviceable, if rather overpriced, fall back position for obtaining a complete set.

Volumes - Compendium of the Confederate Armies:
Unit organizations covered are infantry/cavalry regiments & battalions along with artillery batteries. Entries are structured thusly: a very short commentary on organization, name of first commander, list of field grade officers, chronological listing of higher organizations unit was assigned to throughout the war, battle list, and finally a short suggested reading section. Weaponry is not discussed, but tube types are sometimes provided for artillery batteries.


  1. Wooster's book is a good start. Clark's book on NC units is okay but old. The multi-volume set on NC units and rosters printed by the state is far better.

  2. I probably should have mentioned that about Clark [e.g. age]. The way the post lumped them all together implies a similarly recent vintage, a situation that certainly isn't true.

    Being a T-M guy, I have hope someone will do an Arkansas unit book.


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