Sunday, June 29, 2008

Booknotes II (June 08)

June list of incoming books (Part 2):

Henry Hoetze, Confederate Propagandist: Selected Writings on Revolution, Recognition, and Race ed. by Lonnie A. Burnett (Univ. of Alabama Press, 2008). According to the publisher: "This work consists of a biographical essay on Hotze; his contributions to Mobile newspapers during his military service in 1861; his correspondence with Confederate officials during his service in London; articles he published in London to influence British and European opinion; and his correspondence with, and published work in support of, [Arthur de] Gobineau."

Civil War & Revolution On The Rio Grande Frontier: A Narrative And Photographic History by Jerry D. Thompson and Lawrence T. Jones III (Texas State Historical Association, 2004). Winner of several book honors, including the Pate Award. It covers a decade of Civil War and border violence (1861-1870), and features the photography (125+ images - most previously unpublished) of Louis de Planque and others. From the publisher: "these images include everything from the destruction following the killer hurricane of 1867 to gripping views of the heart-wrenching hanging of an American army deserter and three unfortunate followers of Cortina, who happened to get caught on the wrong side of the river. Also included are rare scenes of Brownsville, Matamoros, and vice-ridden Bagdad, as well as Juaristas, Imperialistas, Cortinistas, Confederates, Federals, Unionists, cotton traders, journalists, merchants, socialites, de Planque himself, and more than one bandit."

War Diaries: The 1861 Kanawha Valley Campaigns by David L. Phillips (Gauley Mount Press, 1990). This is a history of the Kanawha campaign witnessed through the eyes of Confederate Col. Christopher Tompkins (22nd Va), his wife Ellen, subordinate Maj. Isaac Smith, and Union general Jacob Cox. It makes some sense, but unusual nonetheless.

The Swamp Fox and the Columbine by John Koblas (North Star Press of St. Cloud, 2004). I wasn't terribly impressed with Koblas's other Civil War book about J.J. Dickison, but am determined to give him another try as I am interested in learning more about the operations along the St. John's River in Florida.

One Blanket and Ten Days Rations: First New Mexico Volunteers in Arizona 1864-1866 by Charles and Jacqueline Meketa (Western National Parks Association, 1980). This book chronicles the efforts of two companies (A and I) to combat Apache raiders. At a list price of $3.50, it's also pleasantly stuck in a time warp.


  1. Hoetze is a fascinating character whom I mentioned in a review of The London Confederates. He set up a very effective Confederate propaganda operation in Britain pretty much by himself.

    I'd like to know more about his connection with Count Gobineau, who is generally credited as being the intellectual father of western "scientific" racism.

  2. I was a little bit surprised that Myers gave Hoetze only passing mention in "Caution and Cooperation", but then again the focus was on U.S./British relations with Confederate efforts in London in the background.

  3. Does the Thompson-Jones book include any previously unpublished photos of Confederate generals? Larry seems to have a knack of finding them.

    Art Bergeron

  4. Art,
    The photos of Hamilton Bee and James Slaughter are ones I haven't seen before. There are also a number of photos of Union brigadiers from Jones's collection.

    It looks like a very worthwhile book.



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