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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Booknotes - "The Civil War in Northwestern Virginia"

The Civil War in Northwestern Virginia: The Military, Political, and Economic Events Surrounding the Creation of West Virginia, and the Role of Parkersburg, West Virginia in those Events by David L. McKain (Author, 2004) is a self-published local history book that arrived this week. I've glanced through it, and it is a pretty handsome compilation, well bound and full of historical photographs and drawings. The first part is a political and military overview of Civil War West Virginia, not footnoted unfortunately but it does have a bibliography and index. The latter section (over 200 densely packed pages) is composed of transcribed source materials, including newspaper articles, official documents, letters, diaries/memoir excerpts, etc. This is the first time someone has sent me a review copy with a note that just says "Good Luck". Not sure how I should take that.


  1. Where can I find a copy of this book for sale? - JE

  2. Ordering info is at the link I provided in the post. The author's email address is in there, too.


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