Thursday, May 28, 2009

New University of Alabama Press Civil War book series

The Fall/Winter 2009 catalog from the University of Alabama Press announces a new series, edited by Gary Gallagher and Robert K. Krick.:
"This series presents important primary sources on the Civil War as seen through the eyes of Southerners—whether Confederate, Unionist, or trying to stay out of the way—with such additions appropriate to each work as new introductions,
annotations, indexes, illustrations, and other important materials. These records, made by actual participants and observers, are increasingly recognized as valuable to researchers of America’s great national climacteric."
The first volume in the Seeing the Elephant: Southern Eyewitness to the Civil War series will be an edited translation of Justus Scheibert's Seven Months in the Rebel States during the North American War, 1863 [Translated from the original German by Joseph C. Hayes, edited and with an Introduction by William Stanley Hoole, New Introduction and Index by Robert K. Krick], to be published in November 2009.

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