Monday, June 15, 2009

Cozzens Shiloh project in the works

Author Peter Cozzens confirmed in a Shiloh Discussion Group thread yesterday that he is working on a Shiloh battle history. The contract is for six years (no mention of publisher yet), so we'll have to wait a little while for it.


  1. Hello Drew

    Thanks for the update on Mr. Cozzens current project. I've enjoyed his other work.

    Look forward to getting this type of information from you.

    Don Hallstrom

  2. This is great news. Peter Cozzens is one of my favorite Civil War historians (especially Western Theater). I had always hoped that he would write on Shiloh. I would love to read his account of the battle. I welcome the idea of having the detail of his Chickamauga book applied to Shiloh. I wonder what happened to Larry Daniels and his book on the Battle of Chickamauga? I have heard of that project for years. The future of the Western Theater looks bright.

  3. Hello Drew and Chris

    I've not read Cozzen's book on Chickamauga, but have enjoyed all his other work. My favorite being his study of Iuka and Corinth.

    Like Chris, I'd heard that Larry Daniel was working on a study of Chickamauga. I enjoy his work and hope that someday he does publish a study on this very important battle.

    Don Hallstrom


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