Sunday, September 27, 2009

Booknotes II (September '09)

New additions this month:

1. Army Life: From a Soldier’s Journal by A. O. Marshall, edited by Robert G. Schultz (Univ. of Arkansas Press, 2009).

Part of Arkansas's Civil War in the West series, Marshall's memoir (originally published in 1884) of his military service as a private with the 33rd Illinois Vol. Inf. regiment has been treated to a new annotated edition. Bob Schultz has published a number of books dealing with the Civil War in Missouri, so it's a pretty good match of editor with material.

2. Civil War Macon: The History of a Confederate City by Richard W. Iobst (Mercer Univ. Press, 2009).

This is the new paperback edition of Iobst's city study, first published in 1999. It's a lengthy (over 450 pages) and detailed military, economic, and social history of the city from 1860 through 1865.

3. The Union Indian Brigade in the Civil War by Wiley Britton (Kansas Heritage Press, 1995).

In 1995, KHP reissued Britton's classic in a really nice black cloth facsimile edition (ISBN: 1878882066).

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