Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bull Nelson bio

A number of university press winter catalogs are now available (you can find the .pdf downloads easily by following the homepage links in my sidebar), and so far it looks like a fairly slow period, at least for those books matching my interests. One of much potential appeal is the upcoming William Nelson biography by Donald A. Clark titled The Notorious "Bull Nelson": Murdered Civil War General, to be published by Southern Illinois UP in late November. The war in Kentucky is one of my primary interests, so this new look at the abrasive big man will be much welcomed by me.

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  1. Chris EvansMay 26, 2010

    Interesting subject. I hope it is as excellent and fascinating as Hughes and Whitney's book on Nelson's killer 'Jefferson Davis in Blue'. That contained one of the best and well written accounts of the circumstances of Nelson's murder that I have ever read.


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