Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vol. II of Lanny Smith's "The Stone's River Campaign" now available

Long time readers might recall my review of Volume I, a marvelous operational and micro-tactical history of the Stone's River campaign and battle from the Union perspective by Lanny K. Smith. Mr. Smith has now informed me that the companion volume is completed and available for purchase (details and ordering information below provided by the author):

The Stone’s River Campaign - 26 December 1862 - 5 January 1863: Volume II The Army of Tennessee by Lanny Kelton Smith (Author, 2010).

* Limited to 359 Copies
* Self-Published
* 11.25 x 8.75
* Gray cloth w/ Gold Lettering
* Pages Main Text/Total Number: 614/815
* 44 maps
* Appendixes: Organization Army of Tennessee (20 Pages)
* Losses of Army of Tennessee (8 Pages)
* Reports of Withers’ Division Missing from the Official Records (41 Pages)
* Endnotes (64 Pages)
* Bibliography (10 Pages)
* Index (Name, Rank, Unit) (55 Pages)
* ISBN: 978-1-56837-417-8
* $60

Ordering Instructions:
$60 + $5 Shipping = $65
Contact author via email: lannysmith1861@hotmail.com

Volume I was stocked in the Stones River National Battlefield bookstore and it is expected, but not confirmed at this time, that Volume II will also be made available there. These books are a must have for serious students of the battle.


  1. I was at Stones River National Battlefield, last weekend, and it wasn't there yet. Since it's right across town I will look for it again next weekend. Volume 1 is amazing, and I can't wait to see volume 2. Incidently they still have about 4 copies of volume one for sale there.

  2. That's a bit surprising. I think the pair will be a sought after item for collectors in the future.

  3. I just got mine in the mail today; massive, impressive, just like the first volume. And Mr. Smith is always pleasant when responding to emails.

    Joel M.
    Baton Rouge

  4. Joel,
    He certainly is!



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