Monday, November 1, 2010

Glendale/Frayser's Farm study

Given all the attention Virginia battles of all sizes get from writers and publishers, it remains a bit of a surprise that none of the larger Seven Days clashes (Oak Grove, Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mill, Savage's Station, Glendale-White Oak Swamp and Malvern Hill) have received their own full book length treatments. There are some rumblings, however. I understand there is a Malvern Hill project in the works, and next spring will see the publication of The Battle of Glendale: The Day the South Nearly Won the Civil War (McFarland, 2011). I don't know anything about author Jim Stempel or how ambitious his work will be. However much the subtitle delves into nebulous what-if ground, there's no denying a big opportunity was lost by the Confederates on June 29-30.


  1. Interesting. I also recall some noise a couple of years ago that Robert E. L. Krick was doing a project on Gaines Mill. Not sure where that has gone. Glendale seems like a more feasible monograph subject than Malvern Hill, for what it's worth.

  2. I agree with you that Glendale has enough unique qualities to make it worthy of a standalone study.

    I would welcome a Gaines's Mill book, too.

  3. Frank O'Reilly is working on a Malvern Hill project.

    IMHO, he campaign is in dire need of a Gordon Rhea-type treatment.

    Mike Peters

  4. Mike,
    I agree. It would work best with a qualified person or team handling the campaign as a multi volume series. Same with Atlanta and Petersburg.


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