Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Union Casualties at Gettysburg: A Comprehensive Record (3 Vols)"

When it comes to Gettysburg reference books, John Busey's is a familiar name. Previous publications include multiple editions of his numbers and losses studies (with  David Martin), as well as a Gettysburg National Cemetery burial register. His latest work, coauthored with Travis Busey, brings new and previously published research together in one place in the form of a massive  guide released in three volumes and titled Union Casualties at Gettysburg: A Comprehensive Record by Travis W. Busey and John W. Busey (McFarland 800-253-2187, 2011).

Volume 1 covers generals and staff casualties and men hailing from the states (presented alphabetically) of Connecticut through part of New York. General and staff officers are treated to capsule biographies, while the rest (organized by company and regiment) include the typical personal and service record information found in modern roster studies (e.g. rank, enlistment date, promotions, date of birth, residence, prewar occupation, nature of wounds, burial location, mustering out date, etc.). The second volume continues with New York regiments and concludes with Wisconsin. It also has information for the Regulars that fought in the battle.

Volume 3 is a data set, rolled into the following 13 appendices:

1 - Statistical summary of casualties by brigade, division, and corps
2 - Army of the Potomac casualties at each campaign skirmish and battle.
3 - Casualties by state.
4 - Union burials at Gettysburg (in churches, fields, lots, farms, etc.).
5 - Gettysburg National Cemetery burials by section.
6 - Evergreen Cemetery burials.
7-9 - Union hospitals and information on transportation and treatment of the wounded.
10 - List of Confederate prisons that housed Gettysburg POWs.
11 - Civilian casualties.
12 - Casualty roll mistakes.
13 - Unresolved names.

It also contains the trilogy's combined bibliography and name index.

Although it is unfortunate the series could not be published in hardcover for longevity with frequent use, the books should prove to be invaluable research tools for historians, genealogists, and the most dedicated of Gettysburg enthusiasts.

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