Friday, April 8, 2011

Booknotes II (April '11)

New Arrivals:

1. Colonels in Blue--Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia: A Civil War Biographical Dictionary by Roger D. Hunt (McFarland, 2011).

Hunt has previously published Union colonels volumes for New York, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic States.

2. The Battle of Westport: Missouri's Great Confederate Raid by Paul Kirkman (The History Press, 2011).

3. The Battle of Piedmont and Hunter's Raid on Staunton: The 1864 Shenandoah Campaign by Scott C. Patchan (The History Press, 2011).

Patchan's well regarded campaign history (originally titled Forgotten Fury: The Battle of Piedmont, Va. has been reissued in paperback.

4. Discovering the Civil War by the The National Archives Experience's Discovering the Civil War Exhibition Team (D Giles Limited, 2011).

Companion to the exhibit mentioned above, this book features "over 250 letters, diaries, photos, maps, petitions, receipts, patents, amendments, and proclamations" held by the archive.

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