Monday, May 23, 2011

More Atlanta Campaign "battle books" on the way

In a recent magazine review, Atlanta specialist Stephen Davis mentioned a pair of upcoming battle books worthy of anticipation by those sharing interest in the campaign. According to Davis, Georgia attorney Robert Jenkins is writing a Peachtree Creek (July 20, 1864) study and Blue Mountain College history professor Stewart Bennett is taking his own stab at the battle recently addressed brilliantly by Gary Ecelbarger, the July 22 Battle of Atlanta.


  1. Drew, with all these Atlanta studies and Bearss' upcoming volumes on the Petersburg Campaign, it looks like two of the most neglected campaigns of the war are finally getting their due.

    Chris Van Blargan

  2. Chris,
    It is nice to see some of Bearss's articles collected and republished. I would love to see his Fort Smith series from Ark. Hist. Quarterly in book form.

  3. Hello Drew

    Thanks for the information. Hopefully, they will be published by a publisher other than McFarland.

    Don Hallstrom

  4. I have spoken with Bob Jenkins and seen his work. Savas Beatie would love to work with him. I hope regardless of who he goes with, that he takes some of my advice to heart. A good book on Peach Tree Creek is sorely needed.


  5. More books on the Atlanta campaign are greatly welcomed.

  6. Any update on the status of the Jenkins book on PTC? Thanks in advance.

  7. I haven't heard a thing about it, unfortunately.


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