Thursday, August 25, 2011

Various book related news items

The release date of my most anticipated military study of the year, Thunder Across the Swamp: The Fight for the Lower Mississippi, February-May 1863, has been pushed back to the end of September.

The Sable Arm blogger James Price has a book coming out soon, The Battle of New Market Heights: Freedom Will Be Theirs by the Sword. Anyone who made it through Richmond Redeemed wanting to read more and those with an interest in the battles fought by USCT units will want to pick up this one. It will have maps by Steve Stanley and promises "meticulous tactical detail."

Larry Wood plans to publish a history of the Civil War in Springfield, Missouri. He also notes that William G. Piston and John Rutherford are currently working on a study of the Battle of Springfield.

Broadfoot has three more volumes from their South Carolina unit history series available.

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