Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confederate "Tales of the War" in the Trans-Mississippi, Part Two: 1862

Confederate Tales of the War Part  2

I've been informed that Camp Pope Publishing's  Confederate "Tales of the War", Part 2 is at the printer and will be available soon. You can read my review of Part One here. Edited by Michael Banasik, I believe it will be Volume VIII of the excellent "Unwritten Chapters of the Civil War West of the River" series.

From the Publisher:
"The 1862 portion of these “Tales of the War” covers in great detail the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas (March 6–8, 1862), as well as the engagements at Lone Jack, Missouri (August 16, 1862) and Prairie Grove, Arkansas (December 7, 1862). Also presented are various pieces concerning the “Palmyra Massacre” (October 18, 1862), soldiering in Arkansas with an Arkansas regiment, and some short “Bits and Pieces” that are associated with the Trans-Mississippi, but have no real date associated with them. The Appendices include the most comprehensive Confederate Order of Battle ever presented on the Battle of Pea Ridge as well as the first recorded publication of General Blunt’s request for a truce at the Battle of Prairie Grove, that had been lost since 1862."
The price will be $17.95.


  1. Sounds like another great addition to my Trans-Miss bookshelf. I groaned when I heard Camp Pope was getting out of the bookselling trade. They had always been a good source of hard-to-find material. The products coming out of their publishing business compensates for the loss!

  2. Yes, CPP is out of selling books from other publishers, but is certainly still publishing their own, as well as doing contract printing.


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