Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Civil War in South Carolina

South Carolina Historical Magazine, the SC Historical Society's peer reviewed journal, apparently has published many Civil War related articles over the years, enough that only a selection of these can fill a new 600+ page book. Edited by Lawrence S Rowland and Stephen G Hoffius, The Civil War in South Carolina (Home House Press, 2011) boasts that
 "Some of the finest articles exploring the Civil War in South Carolina, first published in the South Carolina Historical Society Magazine, are collected here in a remarkable volume that stretches from the gathering for the Secession Convention in December 1860 until the battles that followed the Confederate surrender in 1865. The book provide both sides' perspectives on the opening attack on Fort Sumter and on Sherman's March. Every corner of South Carolina is featured in these selections because the War touched the lives of everyone. Contributors to the volume include some of the state's leading historians".
I hope to have my review copy soon.

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