Monday, January 2, 2012

A favor to ask

A while back (within two years, I believe it was an issue or two after the magazine came back from hiatus), there was a North & South article about some battles around Charleston. The author bio mentioned the writer was working on a history of the Department of the South. I lost my note on it.  Can anyone with back issues handy help me out with the author's name, school affiliation, etc.?  Thanks!

[UPDATE: Thanks to David Woodbury, I found the citation online : W. Robert Beckman and Sharon S. MacDonald, “Foster’s A Humbug: Attack on Charleston” North and South: The Magazine of the Civil War Society, Vol. 11: No. 5 (October 2009).]


  1. Please delete if this is my 2nd try at responding. Couldn't tell if the first one "took."

    I don't think I have that issue of N&S, but it sounds like maybe you're referring to the "Heroism at Honey Hill," article, which was in the Department of the South.

    North South Magazine (Vol. 12 - No.1) Feb, 2010, Pages 20 -41

    Authors Sharon S. MacDonald, Illinois State University, and one of her students, W. Robert Beckman, a high school history teacher.

  2. Thanks David. I think that might be the one.

    Your first try at commenting indeed did not make it through. I always wonder how many comments I miss to Blogger software glitches. Many people have mentioned frustration in getting comments to 'take'.

  3. David,
    After googling the names I found that the authors are correct but the article was "Foster's A Humbug: Attack on Charleston" Vol. 11 #5 from 2009.

  4. Hi Drew -- well your memory about the Charleston part was spot on.

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