Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smith's Corinth

An advanced copy of Tim Smith's Corinth 1862: Siege, Battle, Occupation (UP of Kansas, May 2012) just arrived in the mail. Things may change during final formatting, but the main text in the ARC runs around 300 pages, with 100 devoted to the 1862 "siege" and a bit more to the October campaign and battle. Discussions of the social impact of occupation as well as the town's evolving importance (including it's status as a forward located contraband camp and recruiting station) make up the rest of the content. Many of the Skoch maps appear to be variations on the ones he created earlier for Peter Cozzens and Smith's two decades of research is really apparent in the massive number (in the 100s) of manuscript collections listed in the bibliography.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Drew If this is anything like the author's Champion Hill book, this will be outstanding.

    Thanks for the update
    Don Hallstrom


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