Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Tennessee in the Civil War"

It looks like more than one state historical society journal is taking advantage of the Sesquicentennial to offer compilations of previously published articles. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the latest from the Missouri HS, and I've just now learned a selection of Civil War articles from Tennessee Historical Quarterly are being republished in twelve Tennessee in the Civil War series volumes.  Of course, one can obtain photocopies of all these articles through interlibrary loan, but I think having them in bound volumes organized by theme has value, even if its unclear if any new material is added.

So far, two have been made available: the introductory Tennessee in the Civil War and The Civil War in Appalachia. The ability to order Volumes 3 and 4, The Battle of Shiloh and Forrest and the West Tennessee Cavalry Campaigns, from the above linked page will apparently be available soon.

Future Volumes:
Volume Five: The Battle of Stones River
Volume Six: Emancipation and the Fight For Freedom: African Americans in the Civil War
Volume Seven: The Battles for Chattanooga
Volume Eight: Tennessee Women in the Civil War
Volume Nine: Fort Pillow
Volume Ten: Eyewitness to the War: A Collection of First Hand Accounts
Volume Eleven: Hood's Campaign: Franklin and Nashville
Volume Twelve: After the War: Reconstruction

So far, each book has a different editor.  I do wish the THS site would include table of contents information for each book.See note I witnessed series editor Carroll Van West wave a copy of the Shiloh volume on CSPAN3 last weekend, and it was a paperback so presumably the rest are the same.

Note: Right as I was posting this the director kindly sent me a fact sheet for the first three volumes. The books are paperback and their content is as follows:

Tennessee in the Civil War, Volume I:
J. Mills Thornton, "The Ethic of Subsistence and the Origins of Southern Secession"
Stanley Horn, "Isham G. Harris and the Pre-War Years"
Lowell Harrison, "Recollections of Some Tennessee Slaves
Grady McWhiney, "Braxton Bragg at Shiloh"
Campbell Brown, "Carter's East Tennessee Raid"
Noel C. Fisher, "Prepare Them for My Coming: Gen. William T. Sherman, Total War, and Pacification in West Tennessee"
Bobby Lovett, "Nashville's Fort Negley"
John D. Fowler, "The Finishing Stroke to the Independence of the Southern
Confederacy: Hood's Tennessee Campaign"
Walter Durham, "Civil War Letters to Wynnewood"
Steve Ash, "Sharks in an Angry Sea: Civilian Resistance and Guerilla Warfare in Occupied Middle Tennessee, 1862-1865"
Mark Dunkelman, "Blood Marks their Tracks: A Union Regiment's hard March to Knoxville, 1863"
Robert Glaze, "Saint and Sinner: Lee, Forrest and the Ambiguity of Southern Identity"

The Civil War in Appalachia, Volume II:
Charles F. Bryan, Jr., “A Gathering of Tories: The East Tennessee Convention of 1861”
Martha L. Turner, “The Cause of the Union in East Tennessee”
William A. Strasser, Jr., “Our Women Played Well Their Parts: Confederate Women in Civil War East Tennessee”
James C. Kelly, “William Gannaway Brownlow, Part I” and “Part II”
Douglas R. Cubbison, “Tactical Genius above the Clouds: ‘Fighting Joe’ Hooker and John White Geary at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, November 24, 1863”
Sam Bollier, “‘Our Own Paradise Invaded’: Imagining Civil War-Era East Tennessee”
Robert Partin, “The Civil War in East Tennessee as Reported by a Confederate Railroad Bridge Builder”
William B. Provine, “The Legend of ‘Long Tom’ at Cumberland Gap”
Robert A. Wasmer, “Partisan Warfare in Monroe County, Tennessee, During the Civil War: The Murder of Joseph M. Divine”
Melanie Greer Storie, “‘Heroic Courage and Unfaltering Devotion’: A Gathering of East Tennessee Veterans”

The Battle of Shiloh, Volume III:
Peter Franklin Walker, “Command Failure: The Fall of Forts Henry and Donelson”
Donald F. Dosch, “The Hornets’ Nest at Shiloh”
Donald A. Clark, “Buell’s Advance to Pittsburg Landing: A Fresh Look at an Old Controversy”
James L. McDonough, “Glory Can Not Atone Shiloh—April 6, 7, 1862”
John G. Biel, ed., “The Battle of Shiloh: From the Letters and Diary of Joseph Dimmit Thompson”
Christopher Kiernan Coleman, “Ambrose Bierce in Civil War Tennessee: Nashville, Shiloh, and the Corinth Campaign”
Ben Bassham, “‘Through a Mist of Powder and Excitement’: A Southern Artist at Shiloh”
Timothy B. Smith, “Historians and the Battle of Shiloh: One Hundred and Forty Years of Controversy”
Bernard T. Campbell, “Shiloh National Military Park”

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