Sunday, January 27, 2013

Booknotes V (January '13)

New Arrivals:

1. Portraits of Conflict: A Photographic History of Alabama in the Civil War by Ben H. Severance (Univ of Ark Pr, 2012).

Volume 10 of this award winning series. Images are primarily of individuals, soldier and civilian, with a sprinkling of objects and places.  I could be wrong but the text part of this one seems more substantial than some of the other volumes.

2. Silas Soule: A Short, Eventful Life of Moral Courage by Tom Bensing (Dog Ear Pub, 2012).

A Kansas Jayhawker and officer in the 1st Colorado Cavalry during the Civil War, Soule is credited with refusing Col. Chivington's infamous order to attack the Indian encampment at Sand Creek in 1864.  Shot down in a Denver street in 1865, some at the time believed a conspiracy was involved.  In addition to its Soule biography, Bensing's book also promises detailed insights into the life of his killer, Charles Squier.

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