Saturday, April 27, 2013

Greyhound Commander

Reader Don H. notified me that the next LSUP catalog is already available. Gordon Rhea fans will lament yet another year passing with no final volume from his Overland Campaign series.  The one that interests me most is a primary source history edited by Richard Lowe and titled Greyhound Commander: Confederate General John G. Walker’s History of the Civil War West of the Mississippi (September 2013). From the description:
"While a political refugee in London, former Confederate general John G. Walker wrote a history of the Civil War west of the Mississippi River. Walker’s account, composed shortly after the war and unpublished until now, remains one of only two memoirs by high-ranking Confederate officials who fought in the Trans Mississippi theater. Edited and expertly annotated by Richard Lowe—author of the definitive history of Walker’s Texas division—the general’s insightful narrative describes firsthand his experience and many other military events west of the great river."
Others directly Civil War-related:
Confederate General William Dorsey Pender: The Hope of Glory by Brian Steel Wills.
Apocalypse and the Millennium in the American Civil War Era edited by Ben Wright and Zachary W. Dresser.


  1. I had been looking to publish this memoir for years (though some of what Walker wrote--see Joe Harsh's Antietam studies--is very unreliable; But Walker was "there," was a general, and had a lot to say). I learned a couple years ago from Richard that he was doing this. It will be good and I am looking forward to it.

    Wills on Pender? That I had not head. That, too, should be outstanding.

    -- Ted Savas

  2. Hi Drew

    It is always good to hear from Ted. His comments are interesting about Antietam.

    Looking forward to this biography of Pender. I've not read Will's biography on Thomas. I think the reviews were generally favorable. However, I did find his earlier biography on Forrest very enjoyable.

    Don Hallstrom


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