Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Booknotes II (Sept '13)

New Arrivals:

1. Ships of the Civil War 1861-1865: An Illustrated Guide to the Fighting Vessels of the Union and the Confederacy by Kevin J. Dougherty (Amber Books, 2013).

An illustrated guide to 120 Civil War vessels of all types, two facing pages for each -- short history and specifications on the left and full-color, side-view artwork (which is good quality) on the right.

2. Illinois's War: The Civil War in Documents edited by Mark Hubbard (Ohio Univ Pr, 2013).

The latest volume from OUP's Civil War in the Great Interior series. Editor Mark Hubbard has "has compiled a rich collection of letters, editorials, speeches, organizational records, diaries, and memoirs from farmers and workers, men and women, free blacks and runaway slaves, native-born and foreign-born, common soldiers and decorated generals, state and nationally recognized political leaders." I found the Kansas and Missouri volumes to be worthwhile additions to my collection.

3. Tell It With Pride: The 54th Massachusetts Regiment and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Shaw Memorial by Sarah Greenough and Nancy K. Anderson (Yale Univ Pr, 2013).

"Tell It With Pride explores the enduring significance of this beloved monument. Original daguerreotypes, carte-de-visite portraits, and a full listing of the regiment’s members, along with vintage and contemporary artworks by Matthew Brady, Lewis Hine, and Carrie Mae Weems tell the story of the legacy of the Battle of Fort Wagner and the role of photography in memorializing the regiment then and now."

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