Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fort Pillow books

Way back in 2005, around the time John Cimprich's Fort Pillow study was being published, Greg Urwin mentioned to me that two more Ft. Pillow studies of some promise were in the works. He wasn't able to provide any specific information at the time, but did note that Oklahoma [he's the general editor of their Campaigns and Commanders series] was the prospective publisher of one, making it likely that Brian Steel Wills's upcoming spring 2014 release The River Was Dyed with Blood: Nathan Bedford Forrest and Fort Pillow is one of the candidates. Perhaps The Fort Pillow Massacre: North, South, and the Status of African Americans in the Civil War Era is the other.


  1. Hello Drew

    Thanks for the update. Looks Like Professor Wills has been busy. A confederate biography just released and an upcoming book on Fort Pillow.

    Looks like the university presses are starting to release their catalogs for 2014. I saw Univ. Kentucky didn't have any CW related titles. Hopefully some of the others will have a nice selection.


  2. I was also going to say that about Wills. He must have been working on these books for years.

    There was his Nathan Bedford Forrest book, a long gap, his book on Civil War movies, then in quick succession a 'Rock of Chickamauga' bio, Pender, and now this on Fort Pillow.

    It will be interesting to see what his views are on Fort Pillow compared to his bio on Forrest from '92.


  3. Looking forward to a book on Ft Pillow. I enjoy books written by Mr Wills. Have read his book on Forrest and now reading his bio on Thomas.


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