Saturday, July 12, 2014

Booknotes (July '14)

New Arrivals:

1. The Homefront in Civil War Missouri by James W. Erwin (The Hist Pr, 2014).

Erwin, the author of a previous work dealing with the counterguerrilla campaign in Missouri, here shares a variety of anecdotes related to the civilian experience.

2. South Carolina Fire-Eater: The Life of Laurence Massillon Keitt, 1824-1864 by Holt Merchant (USC Pr, 2014).

As James I. Robertson's blurb notes, Keitt was one of the most ideologically pure of the Deep South fire-eaters. Resigning his Confederate congressional seat, he was also willing to match rhetorical violence with actual military service, raising the 20th South Carolina and leading it during the defense of Charleston for most of his service before being struck down at Cold Harbor in 1864. Instead of the usual paint by numbers jacket design, I appreciate the more imaginative and slightly creepy cover art with this one.

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