Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Civil War Wests

More books dealing with the Civil War in the Far West are cropping up and I found three that sound like they might be worth a look. Not much to go on beyond title and author at this point.

University of California Press does not typically publish books in our favorite field, but early 2015 they will release Civil War Wests: Testing the Limits of the United States edited by Adam Arenson and Andrew Graybill. The table of contents can be found here.

In the fall of this year, we can expect Monika Trobits's Antebellum and Civil War San Francisco: A Western Theater for Northern and Southern Politics . The classic, albeit a bit dated, account of Civil War Los Angeles was recently reprinted and a trip to the northern part of the state is most welcome.

Finally, around the same time and from the same publisher will be Confederates in Montana Territory: In the Shadow of Price's Army by Ken Robison (The History Press). I wasn't terribly enamored with the author's previous book on Civil War Montana but would like to give the second effort a chance.

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  1. Thanks very much for the notice! We are excited about it, and the companion volume you also found, and the Autry exhibition, April-December 2015, to go with it! You can read more and hear each author try to summarize their essay in three minutes on my site as well.


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