Saturday, June 13, 2015

B&G complete run article, tour, and review index

Blue & Gray Magazine posted some new downloadable documents. It's great to finally get a complete content index of all 31 volumes.

A Chickamauga touring supplement (2 documents) can be picked up from here. Each contains extra vignettes to add to the earlier issues (Battle of Chickamauga, Day 1, Vol. XXIV, #6) and (Battle of Chickamauga, Day 2, Vol. XXV, #2). Also included are "“Teaching Points” notes from the Staff Ride handbook placed at the end of the “Situation” text, and which were not published in the magazine; the “Teaching Points” describe the lessons Dr. Robertson hopes are learned by today’s Army officers from the actions, and sometimes the mistakes, of their predecessors in the Civil War armies." [Hmm. In between writing and posting this these tour docs seem to have been taken down. Perhaps they will reappear in the near future]

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  1. The Chickamauga texts have not been removed, they were moved so that they appear chronological to when the original issue was must have grabbed the link before I was finished (you're quick). They appear in the "web supplements" category and can be found specifically here:


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