Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gettysburg Magazine in bookstores

I was surprised to see Gettysburg Magazine appear in the local Barnes & Noble this week but I shouldn't have been given the bold "Current issues of Gettysburg Magazine are now available in bookstores throughout the US." notice on the website. It was priced at $13 retail so it looks like yearly subscribers do not get a discount on the biannual publication (a narrowing gap between newsstand prices and subscriber rates seems to be a broadening trend in the biz, at least by my limited sampling).  Though I'm not personally  interested in subscribing, I hope the new owners (Univ of Neb Press) are successful with it.


  1. Thanks for the "heads up" on this. I picked up the current issue yesterday because it contains a highly analytical article on the never-ending debate about Ewell's failure to attack Cemetery Hill on July 1. The author, a former Marine, uses current doctrine regarding the effects of lengthy marching/combat effort and of casualties at specified levels to evaluate whether the available Confederate forces were in condition to make the attack, as well as the effectiveness of Union forces on site, and estimates when an attack could have been made. I have some questions about some of the methodology, but it's a nice attempt to quantify the issue.

  2. That's the article that would have interested me the most, too.


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