Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CWN out, now CWB&C

According to this announcement, Civil War News is ending its run and current subscribers will receive a new magazine Civil War Battles and Commanders.
"An 80-page, full-color bimonthly, it will convey the Civil War experience and life in the field with scholarly and entertaining articles that will focus on personal leadership, critical decisions, battlefield conditions and wartime technology. High quality photography, photographs of original artifacts, period maps and documents, first-hand accounts, modern recreations and scholarly analysis will enhance the articles."
I don't know if this is good news or bad news for the readers involved. I've never been a CWN subscriber and don't have any personal opinion on the situation. It does seem like the new publication is seeking to recapture some of what early North & South tried to do.


  1. As an independent publisher of Civil War titles, I find the loss of Civil War News unfortunate. January will be its last issue. I wish Kay J well. She had managed well a difficult ship for a long, long time.

    Its book review section is damn near indispensable, as is its coverage of many other topics. The former is going online, which is at least the silver lining in this news.

    I am not convinced the world needs another glossy magazine. It will be expensive and time-consuming to produce, etc. and whether it will attract enough subscribers remains to be seen with so much similar competition. But I hope for the best, and wish for its success. We at Savas Beatie will contribute articles, excerpts, interviews, books for review, etc. to help out however we are able. But an email to the new publisher 10 days ago has gone unanswered. I am unsure what that bodes, if anything.

    Merry Christmas, all.

    Theodore P. Savas
    Savas Beatie LLC

  2. I am disappointed that I renewed for two years this fall. She never gave us any advanced warning.

  3. Unknown--I don't think Kay knew she could sell it. I think it came together fairly suddenly. Kay's a straight-shooter. It gets rolled into the new magazine, which looks like it might be quite good.

  4. Civil War News will continue...

    Due to the overwhelming response from Civil War News subscribers, advertisers and readers, publisher Jack Melton has decided to continue Civil War News in its current newspaper format instead of transitioning it into a magazine as previously announced.

    We value the opinions and input from readers who have spoken loud and clear. The regular CWN departments and features will continue, along with some new ones. We look forward to the Civil War community responding with editorial contributions, subscriptions and ads. The CWN website and Facebook will continue as well.

    I will stay on an issue or two until Jack has support staff. I am impressed by the energy and skill Jack brought to The Artilleryman which he acquired from me in April. His last three issues have been visually stunning, interesting, and have attracted new readers and advertisers.

    The next CWN will be published in February. I am keeping the address until the transition is complete. Jack can be reached at The 800-777-1862 number will soon ring him in Georgia.

    Kay Jorgensen
    (recently retired editor & publisher)


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