Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Occupied Vicksburg

Book length studies of the 1862-63 Vicksburg Campaign have been published, as have other books and articles covering Union operations launched from the Hill City after its capture, but comparatively little has been written about the occupation itself. Once the Father of Waters ran unvexed to the sea again during the summer of 1863, this newly achieved control of the Mississippi River Valley had to be maintained and Vicksburg became a vitally important river post for the Union. Bradley Clampitt's upcoming book, Occupied Vicksburg (LSU, October 2016), will be the first in depth study of military and civilian life in and around the famously hard-won garrison town.

From the description:
"Bradley R. Clampitt is the first to offer a comprehensive examination of life there after its capture by the United States military. In the war-ravaged town, indiscriminate hardships befell soldiers and civilians alike during the last two years of the conflict and immediately after its end. In Occupied Vicksburg, Clampitt shows that following the Confederate withdrawal, Federal forces confronted myriad challenges in the city including filth, disease, and a never-ending stream of black and white refugees. Union leaders also responded to the pressures of newly free people and persistent guerrilla violence in the surrounding countryside."

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