Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Booknotes: Echoes from Gettysburg

New Arrival:
Echoes From Gettysburg: South Carolina's Memories and Images
by J. Keith Jones (Fox Run Pub-Author, 2016).

"Gleaned from diaries, letters and newspaper articles written immediately after the great battle and throughout the balance of the lives of its veterans," the writings from those Confederate veterans that experienced Gettysburg as members of the two South Carolina infantry brigades, two cavalry regiments, and the many Palmetto State batteries that fought there are compiled in Echoes from Gettysburg. Maps (from Phillip Laino's excellent body of work) and photos are included in the volume. "Also covered are the annual reunions where the old soldiers gathered to camp once again on the fields of Gettysburg. The veterans recount many tales of reconnecting with old comrades, memories of those who never made it home, and their reconciliation with former enemies. Every strata of the soldier experience at Gettysburg is represented from the highest general to the lowliest private." In addition to putting this all together (nearly 400 pages of source material), Jones contributes chapter introductions and selected annotations. A Gettysburg order of battle for the South Carolina troops is included, too, as is an index.

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