Saturday, May 6, 2017

Good year for Emory Upton

Several books on Civil War general and post-war military reformer/thinker Emory Upton are slated for publication in 2017. David Fitzpatrick's Emory Upton: Misunderstood Reformer (July) will, I believe, be the first full-length biography to emerge since the Centennial-era volume from Stephen Ambrose. While Upton is still viewed as an important military intellectual, "as David J. Fitzpatrick contends, Upton is also widely misunderstood as an antidemocratic militaristic zealot whose ideas were “too Prussian” for America. In this first full biography in nearly half a century, Fitzpatrick, the leading authority on Upton, radically revises our view of this important figure in American military thought." The author addresses in the book many aspects of Upton's legacy that he feels have been badly misinterpreted. "By showing Upton’s dedication to the ideal of the citizen-soldier and placing him within the context of contemporary military, political, and intellectual discourse, Fitzpatrick shows how Upton’s ideas clearly grew out of an American military-political tradition."

Also this summer, the Voices of the Civil War series will published two volumes of Upton papers–Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Vol. 1, 1857–1875 and Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Vol. 2, 1875–1881–edited by Salvatore Cilella, whom readers might recall as the author of the highly regarded unit history Upton's Regulars: The 121st New York Infantry in the Civil War (2009).

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