Friday, December 29, 2017

Andrew Masich wins 2017 Pate Award

The only book honor exclusive to Trans-Mississippi Civil War topics, the Fort Worth Civil War Round Table's A.M. Pate Award is special to me. Not only does it concern itself with my favorite subject, but I also serve as something of a consultant to the selection committee. Each year, I am asked to submit a list of candidates, with the chair the only person privy to my winner recommendation. I don't have an actual vote in the proceedings, but it very often turns out that the committee and I are in agreement. That is certainly the case this year with Andrew Masich's Civil War in the Southwest Borderlands 1861-1867, a richly deserving winner. Congratulations to Mr. Masich and also to University of Oklahoma Press, which continues to publish top shelf scholarship on the Civil War era in the Far West.

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