Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Booknotes: Union Soldiers in the American Civil War

New Arrival:
Union Soldiers in the American Civil War: Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages
  by Lance J. Herdegen (Savas Beatie, 2018).

Lance Herdegen's Union Soldiers in the American Civil War is an introductory-level book organized and presented along similar lines to Mark Hughes's The New Civil War Handbook (2009) and The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook (2011) from J.D. Petruzzi and Steven Stanley, all from SB.

The book "offers a complete guide for Civil War enthusiasts of all ages. Herdegen employs nearly 100 photographs coupled with clear and concise prose broken down into short, easy to understand chapters to better understand these men. Coverage includes such varied topics as the organization of the Union Army, learning to be soldiers, winter campaigning, photography, sick call, nurses, religion, discipline, prisoner of war camps, weaponry, uniforms, as well as numbers and losses and the strengths of the various Union armies. It also examines the participation of U.S. Color Troops and the role played by African Americans during the Civil War. This handy reference book includes a list of Civil War points of interest, some bookshelf suggestions, and a glossary of Civil War terms."

There's a Confederate companion volume in the pipeline, too, that one authored by Mark Hughes.

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