Friday, January 4, 2019

Booknotes - Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories

New Arrival:
Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories by Warren Bull (Next Century Pub, 2018).

When it came to holiday arrivals, the Christmas/New Year 2018-19 season was positively scrooge-like in comparison to previous years. As I've mentioned before at various times, release patterns seem to become more feast and famine with each passing year. It wasn't too long ago that I would return after a short end of year break to pleasantly find a giant pile of packages waiting for me, but this time around only a single title arrived between the week before Christmas and now. Anyway, this is it. The last arrival of 2018 (which one will be the first of 2019?) is Warren Bull's Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories.

In 38 chapters filling a little over 100 pages of text the book offers a collection of stories and author commentary on a great variety of topics related to Lincoln's character, life, personal relationships, legal career, politics, and presidency.

From the description: "Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories includes:
  • As a soldier, Lincoln started at the rank of captain before becoming a private.
  • When the Republican Party was founded, Lincoln was an unlikely candidate.
  • Lincoln had a "second home" in a barbershop owned by a black man.
  • Lincoln was involved in the largest execution in American history.
  • Lincoln was challenged to a duel that he accepted"
The chapters aren't sourced via notes of any kind, but the author includes at the rear of the book print and online reading lists of materials he used.

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