Friday, February 1, 2019

Coming Soon (Feb '19 Edition)

North Carolina Unionists and the Fight Over Secession by Steve Miller.
A Great Sacrifice: Northern Black Soldiers, Their Families, and the Experience of Civil War by James Mendez.
For Church and Confederacy: The Lynches of South Carolina by Robert Curran, ed.
Leonidas Polk: Warrior Bishop of the Confederacy by Huston Horn.
Approaching Civil War and Southern History by William Cooper.
The Fight for the Old North State: The Civil War in North Carolina, January-May 1864 by Hampton Newsome.
In God's Presence: Chaplains, Missionaries, and Religious Space during the American Civil War by Benjamin Miller.

I plan to put a 'coming this month' list like this together at the beginning of each month. With reprints omitted it won't be comprehensive, just new titles with some reasonable likelihood of reaching me. It's not a large list for sure this time around, but most months have their surprises and many January titles still haven't arrived yet either.

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