Saturday, March 16, 2019

Booknotes: Lost and Buried Treasures of the Civil War

New Arrival:
Lost and Buried Treasures of the Civil War by W.C. Jameson (Lyons Pr, 2019).

In W.C. Jameson's Lost and Buried Treasures of the Civil War "(t)he most compelling and exciting tales of lost and buried treasures associated with the Civil War have been collected, extensively researched and investigated, and are included in this entertaining book from one of America's foremost treasure hunters. They represent fortunes that have been lost for over one-and-a-half centuries and involve colorful characters from lowly privates up to famous officers, including Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy. 

The thirty-one tales in this book provide backstory and pertinent information, are distributed between the Union and Confederate armies, and range from Texas to the Atlantic Cost, from Louisiana to the Canadian border."

Jameson is a professional fortune hunter who was a consultant for the old Unsolved Mysteries show and numerous more recent programs shown on the History network and the Travel Channel. There are a lot of buried treasure myths and legends associated with the Civil War, and the book addresses in a popular-style narrative a selection of both famous and obscure ones.

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