Thursday, June 27, 2019

Coming Soon (July '19 Edition)

*NEW RELEASES* scheduled for July 2019:
The Great Partnership: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and the Fate of the Confederacy by Christian B. Keller.
Washington Roebling's Civil War: From the Bloody Battlefield at Gettysburg to the Brooklyn Bridge by Diane Monroe Smith.
Abraham Lincoln’s Statesmanship and the Limits of Liberal Democracy by John D. Schaff.
Colonels in Blue-Missouri and the Western States and Territories: A Civil War Biographical Dictionary by Roger D. Hunt.
John C. O'Neill: Union Army Officer, Irish Republican Raider of Canada by Thomas Fox.
Pinkertons, Prostitutes and Spies: The Civil War Adventures of Secret Agents Timothy Webster and Hattie Lawton by John Stewart.
Lee's Body Guards: The 39th Virginia Cavalry by Michael C. Hardy.
Carl Schurz, German-American Statesman: My Country Right or Wrong by Peter T. Lubrecht.

Comments: I am looking forward to seeing what Keller has to say about the Lee-Jackson relationship and all that that entailed for the Confederate war effort. The latest volume of Colonels in Blue interests me very much as it will likely contain a higher proportion of lesser-known officers than any other installment in the series. Finally, does North Carolina know that Michael Hardy is cheating on them with Virginia?

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